Wham Bam Flexible Build System for Resin 3D Printers

The Wham Bam Flexible Build System For Resin Printers

Wham Bam Systems has done it again! The creators of the original Flexible Build System for FDM machines have designed a specialized Flexible Build System for Resin printers or FBSR! After 6+ months of extensive testing of our custom-designed system in our own lab and with beta testers, we now have kits for the most popular resin printers and we are taking requests for even more.

  • No more struggling to pop parts off the build surface
  • No more hitting and scraping on your print head and possibly sending it out of alignment
  • No more scratching the paint of your print head
  • Reduction of print time by printing flat on the plate
  • Wash and clean prints while still on Flexi Plate on fine deformable parts
  • Continuous printing with a Double Wham, start another print before you start cleaning the first

FBSR Installation and Use

Watch how is easy it is to install and use the Flexible Build System for Resin in the below video. Just clean your build plate very well, let it dry, bond your magnet to the plate, reset your Z limit to account for the additional 2.6 mm, and you are ready to start printing!



Quality Materials Custom Made For Resin

Our Flexi Build Plates for Resin are made from high-quality spring steel that won't kink or warp when you flex them, they just return to shape! The Spring Steel has been formulated with a Chromium Alloy creating rustproof steel for long life even if scratched. They have a custom etched textured finish on both sides for an amazing grip.    


Our Magnetic Sheet for Resin is an extra thick magnet with an alternating polarity array to produce amazing strength to combat suction forces even for large layer prints. It is backed with a specialty 3M adhesive created to resist harsh solvents and chemicals and has been tested for 6+ months in our lab to resist resin, mean green, and isopropyl alcohol for prolonged periods even under continual usage situations.