About Us

Joy Enterprise was birthed from a desire to bring simple every day joys through the sourcing of top-in-class lifestyle tools and products that would enable a self-sufficient, sustainable and simple lifestyle.

Self-sufficient - We imagine a world in which we can harness the creativity and invention of each home factory and truly customize tools, products and solutions to meet our every day needs.

Sustainable - We imagine a world whereby we have the necessary tools and knowledge to offer practical solutions to support our livelihoods and the needs of the community.

Simple - We imagine a world whereby we can be in the comfort of our own homes enjoying the simple joys of life while being able to unleash our creativity to help others.

We live in a consumerist world full of mass produced, low quality products that are highly marked up and sold to us as consumers. Why should this be the case when we now have access to the technology and skills to iterate, create and produce in our very own homes?

Following this belief, each product we offer is painstakingly sourced, personally tried and tested, and is of the highest quality.

Check out our catalogue of products and do sign up with an account with us to join our growing community where we share tips and knowledge on how you can create your own sustainable home factory!