Wham Bam Slap Mat

What Is The Slap Mat?

Stop working with resin on cardboard and paper towels, throwing away a toxic gooey mess after every clean-up or resin transfer. Use Slap Mat to protect your work surface, spill and splash all you like and when you are done, take it outside. The resin will harden, and with a simple flex, it pops right off to be safely and easily disposed of. Use under each of your printers as a catch-all.


The Slap Mat also works great as a general craft mat, protecting your work surface from gluing, body putty, or painting even resisting melted solder and the tip of most soldering irons for up to 3 minutes, so use them under electronics. 


Sizes available: 

Original Slap Mat - 240 mm x 500 mm (9.5 in x 19.7 in)

Mega Slap Mat - 345 mm x 700 mm (13.6 in x 25.5 in)